S u k i    W i l l o u g h b y

I was painting a large oil on board of an Italian country side and I thought, “How can I make art more affordable for women who love art?” I adore fashion as well as art.  I was a professional model for years in Asia and Los Angeles and while living in Asia I designed hosiery and lingerie and exported from Taiwan for 7 years.  During my extensive travels all over Asia I’ve gathered so much inspiration for my paintings it just never stops. I made the first Suki Sak in 2002 and after seeing my customer’s faces when they got their special creation just made the effort feel so meaningful.

I decided to broaden the company by purchasing other artists’ works. I couldn’t keep up and why try when there are so many fabulous artists in the world who need exposure. I specialize in Oil on canvas and I do all the commissions for the custom made Suki Saks. I’ve sold lots of saks and made one for Oprah. She received her Suki Sak November 2005,  it was a gift from a friend and she  brought the Sak on her television show in December of 2005.

I’ve always known my life would be filled with beautiful things such as art, architecture gorgeous fabrics Fashion and artistic people. I moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s and moved to Asia in 1983. I went to school for years off and on and got my bachelors in business management from Cal State Northridge. I took up drawing while there.

Moving to a foreign country was one of the best things I’ve done. It opened me up and caused me to feel that there where no limits to where I could go in life.

I was born in Albuquerque and my family was here. My family needed me and I came back. They have all passed now except for my only brother. I have a beautiful and powerful 17 year old son.

While living here I started a 4-year study program under three great artists Louis Maestas, Susan Marshall and Zhang Wen Xin. I became an artist’s apprentice and painted everyday for years and I haven’t stopped yet. It amazes me how time passes by, one thing I know for sure… I will never regret studying art and following my dreams to make art. I paint several days out of the week and  still make Suki Saks for fashion/art lovers!

I still practice my Chinese from time to time  and head off to the ocean on a regular basis but, living so close to the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque is nice. New Mexico feels good, I’m home . . . for now.